A tu corazon

May 6, 2016


Dear Diary:

Hello everyone, in my last(last..)blog I talked about my sister’s wedding and I Continue reading



April 1, 2016


Dear diary:

This week makes me feel really bad all the week. Start the week by the project from “Critical thinking”. Teacher in this subject can make the classroom don’t have any noise from us except her voice and the noise from the air conditioner.

Next is the make up class. It’s like a make-up class festival because in this month has the Splash festival or the name is Songkran Festival. So in the week that has the festival the university will close.

But I’m okay, I’m here. Try to solve the problem in live and just smile. Sometimes I smile to everybody but I cry inside my heart.

Ohhh!! I think god play an April fool day but not. Because this week KhonKaen have a rain after we have a very very very HOT!!!!!!

Dairy I have to go now. Byeee ~





Freedom but not Free-time

March 25, 2016


Dear diary:

This week is the week after the mid-term exam week. Some subject are canceled so that I have freedom!!! ><

But when my teachers cancel the class, they always give us a lot of homework -.,- and in the next time they will ask us about make up class. That means I will spend all the time in this week to do the homework and projects.

I know that after graduate it’s very hard thing to find the job or to work hard for the salary.

Awww, I’m so tired for this week and I don’t have a special thing in this week too. Good night diary. I hope next week will be a good week for me.